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26. června 2013 v 9:12
How to care you Rolex Watches

Loupe - or the magnifier, is used to inspect the detailed markings, serial numbers, and anything we couldn't see with our normal vision. When purchasing a jewelers loupe, look for the magnification power (a number with the symbol "X" meaning times the actual size that we would normally see). The best loupe for a Rolex would be the 10x triplet loupe (three lenses placed together for precision).

Screwdriver - used for adding/removing the links of a bracelet, thus resizing the bracelet, etc. Further, we recommend purchasing the standard jewelers "screwdriver set" that usually includes between 6 to 9 screwdrivers with blade sizes ranging from 0.60 (mm) to 3.00 (mm). We also recommend higher-end screwdrivers that have swivel tops for precision one-hand use. These sets typically come in either a plastic case or on a rotating stand for easy access.

Swiss Pocket Knife (Swiss Army) - this knife features two blades, including a non-threatening blade that is specifically made to open watch cases and the other sharp blade for general use.

Pliers and Cutter- used for detail and precision work. We recommend high-end pliers that are stainless steel with rubber grips. We highly suggest separating these tools from other use and purposes to avoid any type of damage on them, thus becoming unsuitable for watch works. The following are different types of pliers:

Chain nose pliers - probably the most popular pliers. This is often used for picking up pieces, bending and coiling wire. Also enables you to get into places without having your hand at awkward angles, thus making your work a lot harder.

Flat nose pliers - have flat jaws and are used for pulling, holding, straightening, bending, etc.

Round nose pliers - have circular jaws and are used for coiling, looping, and bending wires.

Cutter - often called "nippers" are mainly used for cutting wires and other smaller pieces of metal.

Polishing Kit - comes with an assortment of buffers, abrasive wheels, polishing cloths, and polishing compounds.

Watch Replica Panerai Luminor spring bar removal tool - allows removal of springs on a bracelet allowing the user to change the bracelets/bands. Should also include the mm scale printed on the body of the tool.

"Openall" waterproof-case wrench - designed to open all Rolex oyster cases. It comes with 6 tempered rings and fits the standard bench vise. The built-in adjustable fits all sizes watches.

Case back opening wrench - another easy to use device to open Rolex oyster cases.

L-G "Openall" Waterproof Case Bench Tool - Includes 6 knurled rings, adjustable case holder built into the base.

Horotec Ergonomic Socket-Style Case Back Wrench - opens the hard to open cases.

Work Bench Table Vise - Ideal for use with the Vise-Mounted Aluminum Case Holder, or L-G "Openall" Waterproof Case Bench Tool shown separately on this page.

Vise-Mounted Aluminum Case Holder - Features high quality aluminum and anti-scratch adjustable nylon pins.

Illuminating Magnifying Glass - Best used for examining and swiss replica watches magnifying small parts and items. It also contains an internal lamp for simple observation and analysis.

Work Bench Magnifier Lamp - Excellent tool with thoughtful design, contains a: flip down dust cover for the magnifier lens, heavy metal base for stability, flexible gooseneck design for effortless positioning and features a cool-white light to reduce eye fatigue and glare.

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